The community
that stays with you,
wherever you are.

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Life on the road can be incredible can't it?
But it can also leave us missing a sense of community,
feeling lonely even, and longing for a tribe of our own -
a group of like-minded people who totally "get" our lifestyle.
If you sometimes feel this way, Happy Nomad Club is for you!

Imagine being part of a community that you get to keep everywhere you go.
A place where every nomad belongs, and can build lasting connections.
A community that offers fun and laughter, as well as support through nomad life's challenges.
So that we can enjoy this life to the fullest - with our tribe by our side.
That's what Happy Nomad Club is all about.

We're here for...

Meaningful connection

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We believe in quality over quantity and facilitate authentic interaction

Creating happiness

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We create joyful spaces and invite deeper connections through play

Cultivating belonging

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Everyone is welcome here, we are anti-
discrimination and pro- being just as you are

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Who is Happy Nomad Club for?

Happy Nomad Club is for anyone who considers themselves a nomad; travel lovers, digital nomads, expats, people new in a place, people who haven’t found their ‘home’ yet.We are for nomads seeking a genuine sense of community and belonging, or wanting to connect more deeply with others.

What we offer


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Meet like-minded nomads 1:1 or in groups for fun and solidarity


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Free resources to help navigate the highs and lows of nomad life


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Develop skills to build social connection and design your nomad life

What makes Happy Nomad Club different?

There are many brilliant organisations helping digital nomads and expats with everything from building an online business to choosing your next destination and connecting with local communities. Our focus is on building a greater sense of community for nomads who want it, empowering you to build better relationships and live a fulfilling life on the move.

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We're interested in partnering with other initiatives helping digital nomads to build better connections – if that’s you, drop us a message and let’s chat :)

Build more meaningful social connections as a digital nomad

We offer two ways to connect with like-minded members of our community:

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1:1 online meet-ups

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Join our free coffee club to be matched with another friendly nomad every month. Arrange a time that suits you both to meet online and chat digital nomad life (or anything you like really!).Our coffee club is by invitation only - sign-up for our newsletter and express your interest to receive an invite.

Community socials

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Whether you've been on the road for years or are dreaming of your first trip, these regular group calls are the perfect opportunity to connect with fellow nomads in a friendly environment. Join us to:• Meet other nomads and share experiences
• Participate in informal discussion and fun activities
• Practice having more authentic conversations.

Learn about happiness and connection for digital nomads

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This micro-course introduces a model for happiness and guides you to self-assess how you're doing in relation to each element:

In this blog post our founder Natalie shares her reflections on building social connection through coliving:

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For more insights on how to build happiness and connection as a digital nomad sign up for our newsletter.

Make digital nomad life work better for you

Our personal development support is designed to help you develop fulfilling relationships and improve your wellbeing so you can enjoy a nomad lifestyle for as long as you choose:

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Build more meaningful social connections

Peer learning & practice programme

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Do you ever feel like you're meeting or hanging out with people, but not connecting as meaningfully as you'd like?Our peer learning & practice programme aims to equip you with new tools and skills to build deeper relationships - whether with existing friends and family, or with new people you are yet to meet.The programme will teach key principles of social connection, and offer opportunities to practice and build connection with other participants.We're looking for a founding cohort to experience our first practice programme starting in early 2024.

Design a nomad life you love

One-to-one coaching

A bicycle on a tropical street by a sign which reads "Follow that dream"

Do you enjoy nomad life, but feel like something's not quite right, or worry you can't sustain it?Our coaching helps digital nomads explore topics such as:• Wellbeing
• Social Connection
• Building routine
... and whatever else you need to enjoy your nomad life to the fullest.Book a free discovery call to find out more.

The story so far

Headshot of Natalie (a woman with brown hair) with Greek countryside in the background

Hi, I’m Natalie, a portfolio freelancer and part-time digital nomad. A couple of years ago, as we were coming out of pandemic restrictions, I realised I could do my work from wherever I wanted to be, and immediately took advantage by heading to Madeira for two months. I loved it, and haven't looked back since - doing stints in Croatia, France, Greece and Italy, as well as working from around the UK.Whilst I'm an avid solo traveller, more than happy in my own company, I’ve found myself seeking connection with like-minded travellers and free spirits - friendships that last beyond the duration of my current stop.

I've also heard others wondering:• How do people cope with the loneliness of travelling alone?
• How do you make friends in new places, and keep them if you’re moving around all the time?
• If I don't have a fixed home, where do I belong?
Sure, there are often local networks to connect with or groups we can travel with - but what happens when we move on or the trip ends?So, all this got me thinking: What would it be like to have a community that goes everywhere with you, a close group who you remain connected to, wherever in the world you are and however long you stay?This is where the Happy Nomad Club comes in – my vision is for a thriving community where nomads feel seen and understood as they are, and come together with others to build deeper social connections.Curious to discover what this could become? Why not join us for the next chapter...

Listen to my interview on the Digital Nomad Stories podcast to hear more about the journey so far:

I'm an ICF Accredited Coach, Certified Happiness Facilitator and Mental Health First Aider - I speak on topics such as self-care, the science of happiness, and creating a life you love. If you're looking to provide learning to a group, get in touch to book me for a workshop.

Welcome to the Club!

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Welcome to the Club :)

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In the meantime - are you interested in meeting like-minded nomads 1:1 for informal online conversations?If so, you might like to join our coffee club - it will introduce you to a new nomad every month, so you can arrange a time to meet and chat about nomad life (or whatever else interests you).If you'd like to join, email the word "coffee" to us here.